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Deli Share Set  (For 15 Persons)

15 人套餐連運費 $3500

A. APPETIZERS (Three choose one 三選二)


A01. Salmon Burrito With Camembert Cheese  三文魚芝士墨西哥捲/


A02. Stuffed Portobello with Onion and Cheese  芝士洋蔥焗大啡菇/

A03. Baked Lobster Vol-au-vent with Cheese  忌廉芝士焗龍蝦酥皮盒


B. SALAD (TWO choose one 二選一)


B01. Prawns & Fruit Salad  大蝦雜果沙律/

B02. Show Cook Chicken Breasts Salad with Herbs 香草慢煮雞胸沙律

C. MAIN DISH (TWO choose one 二選一)


C01. Roasted New Zealand Rack of Lamb with Pesto Crus   香草燒紐西蘭羊排/

C02. US Pork Spare Ribs with Smoked Barbecued Sauce 美式蜜糖燒排骨



Korean Style Fired Chicken 韓式炸雞槌


Smoked Salmon spaghetti with Black truffle cream sauce  煙三文魚黑松露意粉

Baked Pork Chops with Fried Rice  經典茄汁焗豬扒飯

Mini Fresh Fruit Tartlets 迷你鮮果撻


Tiramisu Cup  提拉米蘇杯盤


**到會須知 Catering Essentials


付費流程: 3天工作天前先付50% 訂金,送貨當天付尾數​

With disposable plate, plastic cutlery and napkin.

Payment terms: 50% deposit settled 3 working days before event date; 50% C.O.D.​

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